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American Health Corporation was founded in 1988 when we purchased three skilled nursing homes. Two of these homes are in Bessemer, Alabama and one is in Greensboro, Alabama. Through the years AHC has acquired/managed homes in New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, and Texas.

The combined management of the operating team and the corporate support group serve as the backbone behind the continuing profit and success of AHC. Our team has expertise in operating skilled nursing homes from 49 to 250 beds. We strive to place total emphasis on rehabilitation and returning each resident to their highest functional ability and back to their own home.

We also strive to incorporate quality assurance programs into the policies and procedures of each skilled nursing home to ensure each facility performs at excellent levels. We encourage continuing staff training to ensure the highest quality of care for each resident that chooses one of our skilled nursing homes to call home.

AHC’s mission is to provide the best of care to its customers within the confines of the reimbursement and regulatory environment. Visit one of our skilled nursing homes today.